Judy Hehr

How would you encourage Calgary’s children (and their parents) to choose active modes of transportation for travel to and from school?

As a principal of Earl Grey the staff and I ran a walk to school program. For three months of the year, one month in the fall and twice in the spring, we encouraged students to walk to school and held assemblies where these students were commended for their efforts. It was very effective while the weather cooperated.


How would you work with parents and the City to provide safe routes to walk and bike to Calgary’s schools, including traffic safety measures in the vicinity of the schools themselves?

For this to be effective parents need to be assured that their child is safe walking or riding to school. This will take cooperation between the school school council, the police force, and all the people to once again assure parents that their child will be safe. If elected I look forward to following up with your group to pursue this worthwhile objective.

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