Ian Newman

What do you think are the benefits of active transportation (e.g. walking, riding a bicycle)?

Well as someone who tries to walk, run, and cycle as much as possible I know the benefits are many fold. Better health, less stress, more connected to my community are the immediate benefits I enjoy.  I will leave the  explanation of its economics and societal benefits to economists and activists

Research recommends enabling biking and walking for transport as an important public health measure. What are your thoughts on the current state of the infrastructure for active transportation in the city? How will you increase the convenience and safety of all modes of transportation, including walking/using a wheelchair, riding a bike, and transit?

  1. I live in the beltline and for the most part I think we have an excellent system of sidewalks and paths for walking, jogging.  I will need to speak with Kent to hear about any concerns on the wheelchair question, but will do my best to find out what I can.
  2. On the cycling note we have  a great path system at the heart of it, but we need better infrastructure in the streets for cycling. I support a partitioned bike lane system to support our current pathway system.
  3. On transit I support more buses during peak hours, and more buses equipped with bike racks.

Lowering speeds to 30 kph in residential areas improves road safety for all users, especially children and seniors.  Calgary citizen groups in many communities are calling on the City to act against speeding. If elected, how will you work to reduce vehicle speeds in residential areas in Calgary

Absolutely. This is the number one thing we hear about when knocking on doors in areas like Killarney and SunAlta. It is a real problem in every neighborhood, but is of particular concern in Ward 8 as commuters who are not part of the Ward commute through it.

Vibrant communities depend upon everyday people using city streets to shop, eat, linger, and walk. Several factors play into the walkability of communities including: intensity, mixing of different types of uses, connectivity, and quality of the urban realm. If elected, how will you increase the walkability and vibrancy of Calgary’s communities?

I believe that Ward 8 is one of the most walk-able communities in the City. It is also the most vibrant, connected and urban. If elected I would continue to support the citizen, businesses, and groups that have got us this far, and would welcome many more into the fold to ensure that Ward 8 continues to be the best Ward in the City.

Bicycle access to amenities (e.g. work, school, recreation) requires bicycle facilities that extend beyond our pathways. In addition, this summer we saw how reliance on a pathway network built primarily in a river floodplain resulted in a loss of viable travel routes for many Calgarians. Of its 18,000 lane-km of roads, Calgary has only 26 km of marked on-street bike routes. Given that 98% of Calgarians are uncomfortable riding in traffic, do you support reallocation of roadway space to provide people on bicycles with equitable, reliable, safe, comfortable, and efficient access to the amenities they need to reach?

Yes. In 20 years we should have a bicycle and pathway infrastructure that rivals that of the Calgary Transit. Imagine interacting with a city map. You type in where you are and where you need to go, and the City has provided you a “safe route” from point a to point b. It might not be straight as an arrow, but it is safe and scenic.

How will you increase the convenience and appeal of transit as a mode of choice, as well as facilitate the possibility of multi-modal trips (e.g. walking & transit, riding a bike & transit)?

I am not a BIG GOVERNMENT kind of guy. Like everything Convenience, Function, Design and Safety lay at the heart of all our choices as individuals. I support growing the infrastructure of the sustainable modes of transport. Accessibility and Safety would be the two areas I would champion to increase participation

Are you familiar with the New York experience from 2007-2013? How can we replicate most of that success here in the next five years?

I am not familiar with it, but will do a little more research and make sure I write something on my blog about it

Will you advocate for the prioritization of cold hard cash directed towards alternative transport options, and an urgent move to make on-the-ground changes immediately?

I will do what I can locate the funds within the budget framework and ensure that priority is given to sustainable transportation choices. As someone who jogs and cycles on a regular basis for both fitness and as a mode of getting to where I need to go, you can be assured it will be top of mind. Also if elected I will be going car-less for the duration of my term to ensure I am connected directly to the transportation equation while in office. I should point out however that car-less does not mean scooter-less.

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