Rick Lundy

How would you encourage Calgary’s children (and their parents) to choose active modes of transportation for travel to and from school?

How would you work with parents and the City to provide safe routes to walk and bike to Calgary’s schools, including traffic safety measures in the vicinity of the schools themselves?

If successful in being a school Board Trustee, I would definitely look at ways of encouraging students and parents to make healthy choices when it comes to modes of transportation. Obesity is a major problem within our society and we need to encourage people to make healthy choices.
I strongly believe that traffic safety is a factor and it is going to take a consorted effort to change it. We need to educate drivers so that they understand the consequences for careless driving in school zones and surrounding areas as it leads to an injury or death of a child.
1. We need to educate students on how to stay safe while traveling to school through literature and being taught in classrooms.
2. We need to work with Police to better enforce school zones and surrounding areas.
3, We need to work with Government to legislate stiffer penalties for speeding or texting in school zones or surrounding areas
4. We need to educate drivers regarding the dangers for students if they speed, text or drive carelessly in school zones or surrounding schools.

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