Joe Magliocca

What do you think are the benefits of active transportation (e.g. walking, riding a bicycle)?

Aside from health reasons. I do agree that public transit of any type achieves:

1. Access – Transit helps move those who do not own motorized modes of transportation, can’t transport themselves or wish to avoid the log jam called rush hour.

2. Environmental Concerns – There are those in Calgary who purposely travel in this public manner to reduce what they feel is their “carbon foot print”. They also feel that reducing personal motorized modes of transportation will result in cleaner air and reduced noise.

3. Saves Individual Monies – I have spoken to some that have said with the ever increasing price of fuel and Insurance that public transit is giving them a better quality of life. Also, by not having a car they no longer have a regular maintenance cost and have used their saved money for family trips and wants and needs around their household.

4. Reduce Stress On The Public Purse – Many have communicated that the less cars on the road = less roads and maintenance for both the municipal and provincial level of governments and less of a demand on the taxpayer.

Research recommends enabling biking and walking for transport as an important public health measure. What are your thoughts on the current state of the infrastructure for active transportation in the city? How will you increase the convenience and safety of all modes of transportation, including walking/using a wheelchair, riding a bike, and transit?

I would like to further study our current infrasrtucture. I think my previous answer makes clear that I am indeed an advocate.

Lowering speeds to 30 kph in residential areas improves road safety for all users, especially children and seniors.  Calgary citizen groups in many communities are calling on the City to act against speeding. If elected, how will you work to reduce vehicle speeds in residential areas in Calgary?

 I think this warrants further study as my numbers vary from yours.

Vibrant communities depend upon everyday people using city streets to shop, eat, linger, and walk. Several factors play into the walkability of communities including: intensity, mixing of different types of uses, connectivity, and quality of the urban realm. If elected, how will you increase the walkability and vibrancy of Calgary’s communities?

I will focus on community building such as McKenzie Towne which as seen here has won several wards for taking all the aforementioned factors into the equation.

Bicycle access to amenities (e.g. work, school, recreation) requires bicycle facilities that extend beyond our pathways. In addition, this summer we saw how reliance on a pathway network built primarily in a river floodplain resulted in a loss of viable travel routes for many Calgarians. Of its 18,000 lane-km of roads, Calgary has only 26 km of marked on-street bike routes. Given that 98% of Calgarians are uncomfortable riding in traffic, do you support reallocation of roadway space to provide people on bicycles with equitable, reliable, safe, comfortable, and efficient access to the amenities they need to reach?

I would like to see how certain programs play out first.

How will you increase the convenience and appeal of transit as a mode of choice, as well as facilitate the possibility of multi-modal trips (e.g. walking & transit, riding a bike & transit)?

I will look to work with current groups like yours to promote it as a real alternative.

Are you familiar with the New York experience from 2007-2013? How can we replicate most of that success here in the next five years?

Yes I am aware of the Transportation Department and their detailed consultation process which led and participated in nearly 400 meetings with community boards, business-improvement districts and other neighborhood groups etc… and the jury is still out on the multi-role transit that was, is and has been been active. Having written that, I am not closed to futhere discussion or experiment.

Will you advocate for the prioritization of cold hard cash directed towards alternative transport options, and an urgent move to make on-the-ground changes immediately?


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