John Vyboh

How would you encourage Calgary’s children (and their parents) to choose active modes of transportation for travel to and from school?

1. I believe a good place to start is to see all schools upgrade their bicycle stands equipment. The area should also be secure so parents and students need not worry about their bicycles being vandalized or stolen.
2. Resources or links on the internet could be developed outlining the positive benefits of choosing active modes of transportation to school. This would be shared with parents and students.
3. A partnership between school boards and the city should be developed, to create and / or expand bicycle lanes particularly around schools. This might promote more active modes of transportation as well as provide safer routes for children to travel to school.

How would you work with parents and the City to provide safe routes to walk and bike to Calgary’s schools, including traffic safety measures in the vicinity of the schools themselves?

1. I believe the School Boards need to work with the city to develop safe perimeters around the schools for student safety. They can do this by having a designated bylaw and police presence in the immediate vicinity of the schools with fines doubled for speed infractions.
2. They might also consider placing camera’s next to the schools to document and fine drivers who do not follow speed laws.
3. I believe it would also be helpful to strongly encourage parents to attend a safety orientation morning or afternoon where they would walk or ride with their children to point out dangers and also model safe travel practices.
4. Lastly, again I believe school boards and the city should develop designated bicycle lanes for students to travel to and from schools. This would help create safer routes for the students who bicycle to school.

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